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Advocacy Organizations

Whistleblowers provide vital information that advocacy organizations fighting to advance democracy can use to hold institutions and leaders accountable. 

The legal landscape of whistleblowing is complicated and the risk of retaliation is high. If an organization inadvertently exposes them to retaliation, not only will that group lose that flow of information, others may as well.

Advocacy organizations have a responsibility to protect whistleblowers by understanding risks and using best practices. Experts at Government Accountability Project are available to offer strategic advice to organizations working with whistleblowers to minimize the risks of reporting abuses while maximizing the power of the information.

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CS – How to Work With Whistleblowers

How to Work with Whistleblowers

Many organizations and activists are interested in the information whistleblowers offer but are not in the business of representing whistleblowers or providing advice about their rights, risks and options for disclosure. Whether your organization is actively soliciting information from whistleblowers, or if an employee approaches your organization with evidence of serious wrongdoing, keep the following information in mind.

What is


Understand the

Risk of Reprisal

Appreciate the

Legal Landscape

Reconsider Anonymity





Protect Your



Best Practices

Contact Government Accountability Project

We are the international leader in whistleblower protection and advocacy.


A non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Government Accountability Project actively promotes government and corporate accountability by providing legal representation to whistleblowers and ensuring their disclosures make a difference. Our longstanding work with more than 8,000 whistleblowers has involved working for decades in the areas of public health, food safety, national security, human rights, immigration, energy and the environment, finance and banking, and international institutions, as well as expanding whistleblower protections domestically and internationally


Solidarity with other advocacy organizations is critical to amplifying the importance of whistleblowers’ disclosures and demanding reform. In partnership with your organization, Government Accountability Project stands ready to offer pro bono legal and strategic advice and support to employees considering reporting, or who have already reported, misconduct.

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