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Bearing Witness

Bearing Witness offers important new resources for faith leaders and faith communities to help you responsibly support those called by their faith and moral courage to speak out about government wrongdoing and abuses of power they witness in the workplace. Your validation and support of the brave role that truth-tellers—whistleblowers—play in upholding democracy by reporting serious misconduct is powerful and essential, as is wise counsel. Bearing Witness is a movement dedicated to fostering a cultural change that values and supports the truth-tellers among us. Bearing Witness is here to help.

Many who witness immoral, unethical and illegal acts in government-associated workplaces will turn to clergy who, bound by strict legal and moral confidentiality, serve as important confidants. These situations are complex, and clergy need to be empowered and prepared to responsibly offer support to individuals seeking guidance about whether and how to report wrongdoing. Likewise, whistleblowers need their faith communities’ understanding and support for the essential role they play as catalysts of accountability and justice.

Launched by the leading whistleblower protection organization, the nonprofit, nonpartisan Government Accountability Project as part of its Democracy Protection Initiative, Bearing Witness offers free and reliable resources to clergy, faith leaders and faith communities so they can provide responsible support and connect potential whistleblowers with experts. The call to bear witness is nonpartisan, multifaith, and essential to a just world.


What Faith Leaders Need to Know

Working with whistleblowers is complex. Security and safety, vetting and legal support, staying private versus going public, psychological, emotional and spiritual health and more need taken into careful account. Bearing Witness offers free and reliable resources to clergy, faith leaders and faith communities so they can responsibly support those who witness immoral, unethical and illegal acts in government-associated workplaces and connect potential whistleblowers with experts. 

Who Are Whistleblowers


of Faith Leaders

Clergy Privilege &

Ethical Norms

The Risk 

of Reprisal

Whistleblowing is







Bearing Witness Spiritual Allies

A growing list of diverse faith-based organizations are endorsing Bearing Witness to send a powerful message of support to truth-tellers driven by faith. These organizations and individuals are united in support of those who listen to their conscience, and lean into their faith, to find the moral courage to speak up in protection of our nation’s values and democratic processes.


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Rev. Dr. John C.


General Minister & President

United Church of Christ

Rev. Traci D. Blackmon

Associate General Minister

Justice & Local Church Ministries

United Church of Christ

Rabbi Jonah

Dov Pesner

Director, Religious Action Center

Senior Vice President,

Union for Reform Judaism

(For identification purposes only)

Mike McCurry

Former White House

Press Secretary, 1995-1998

(For identification purposes only)

Sr. Simone Campbell

Executive Director


Rev. Adam Phillips

Executive Director

Faith 2020

Rev. Adam

Russell Taylor



Imam Abdullah T.


Professor of Interfaith Relations

Rev. Jen Butler

Chief Executive Officer

Faith in Public Life

Stosh Cotler

Chief Executive Officer

Bend the Arc

Rev. Ryan M. Eller

Founder & Executive Director

New Moral Majority

Rev. Dr. Katharine

R. Henderson


Auburn Seminary

Lisa Sharon Harper

Founder & President

Freedom Road LLC

Satjeet Kaur

Executive Director

The Sikh Coalition

Rev. Doug Pagitt

Co-Founder & Executive Director

Vote Common Good

Patrick Carolan

Director of Catholic Outreach

Vote Common Good

Steve Schneck

Executive Director

Franciscan Action Network

Rev. Cameron Trimble

Founder & CEO

Convergence US

Johnny Zokovitch

Executive Director

Pax Christi USA

Rabbi Jack Bemporad

Executive Director

Center for Interreligious


Rev. angel Kyoda

williams, Sensei

Wajahat Ali

Author & Columnist

Rabbi Jack Moline

Bishop Gene


Basharat Saleem

Executive Director

Islamic Society of North America

We Help Truth-Tellers Bear Witness

As the leading whistleblower organization in the world for over 40 years, the nonpartisan and nonprofit Government Accountability Project, founded by ordained Methodist minister Louis Clark, has been on the forefront of increasing legal protections for whistleblowers across the U.S. and abroad. We stand ready to protect our nation’s democracy by providing pro bono counsel to support whistleblowers in exercising their rights to blow the whistle on serious abuses of public trust and to ensure their disclosures make a difference. 

Proven Representation

We have represented more than 8,000 whistleblowers and expanded whistleblower protections domestically and internationally.

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Image by Vlad Tchompalov

Know Your Rights

Since the whistleblower legal landscape is complicated, you should understand your rights, risks, and options before disclosing information to government investigators, Congress, and the public.

Image by Clem Onojeghuo
Aicha Elbasri.jpg

Profound Impact

For over forty years, we have helped numerous high-profile clients serve the public good through the power of information, providing whistleblowers with expert legal and advocacy support to protect them while promoting accountability and reform. 

Informational Guides

We have created many guides to help federal workers, journalists, public interest organizations, and election workers so that prospective whistleblowers can take the first step in navigating the complex path of whistleblowing safely and effectively.

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