Our Democracy is Under Attack

Rampant polarization, divisiveness, and disinformation threaten our ability to work and live together, a situation further exacerbated by an unprecedented and devastating pandemic. Without a proactive approach, the results of our election could be obstructed by corruption and abuse of power, further unraveling our nation’s fragile democracy.

The Problem

Our democracy requires urgent protection. The truth and those who stand up for it are under relentless attack from government officials and agencies who deny the reality of corruption and abuse of power perpetuated by the administration for the purpose of personal and political gain.


An anti-science response to the COVID-19 pandemic has led to millions of infections and thousands of deaths, overrunning hospitals, devastating the economy, and causing massive unemployment.


Thousands now take to the streets to advocate for an end to disproportionate, state-sanctioned violence against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, even while risking the infringement of their fundamental rights by federal paramilitary officers.


Citizens recently casted a ballot to ensure that those elected represent the interests of the people. Yet with an administration unwilling to accept the results of results, we must proactively work to restore confidence in our election process to protect the values—and indeed the existence—of truth, accountability, and a healthy democracy.


Disclosures of truth by individuals who observe wrongdoing is the crucial first step. We stand ready to represent whistleblowers who wish to protect our nation’s fragile democracy.


Protest Sign

Our Democracy is Hanging by a Thread

Now is the Time to Act

Government Accountability Project is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the nation’s leading whistleblower protection organization. We stand ready to protect our nation’s democracy by providing pro bono counsel to support whistleblowers in exercising their rights to blow the whistle on serious abuses of public trust and to ensure their disclosures make a difference. 

Proven Representation

We have represented more than 8,000 whistleblowers and expanded whistleblower protections domestically and internationally.

Know Your Rights

Since the whistleblower legal landscape is complicated, you should understand your rights, risks, and options before disclosing information externally to an advocacy group.

Profound Impact

For over forty years, we have helped clients serve the public through the power of information, providing whistleblowers with expert support to protect them while promoting accountability and reform.