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Government Accountability Project Launches Democracy Protection Initiative

New nonpartisan program aims to safeguard election from threats through whistleblower advocacy and representation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 16, 2020

WASHINGTON — Today, Government Accountability Project launches the Democracy Protection Initiative, a nonpartisan program designed to support and protect employees who choose to blow the whistle on illegality and abuses of power aimed at undermining the election or sabotaging a peaceful transition of power should the electorate vote for change.

As seen in a recent disclosure from our client and whistleblower Ms. Dawn Wooten, LPN, about gross mismanagement in ICE detention facilities, the role of whistleblowing in our democracy is crucial. Government Accountability Project has demonstrated time and again that whistleblowing is essential to the health of our democracy through our work with individuals like Ms. Wooten. This is why we are working tirelessly to defend democracy from the effects of rampant polarization, divisiveness, and misinformation that threaten our ability to work and live together.

The Democracy Protection Initiative recognizes that without a proactive approach, our elections could be obstructed by corruption and abuse of power, further unraveling our nation’s fragile democracy. The mission of the Democracy Protection Initiative is twofold. First, we will launch a “Know Your Rights” educational campaign geared towards employees best positioned to witness threats to democracy, as well as to journalists and civil society organizations who may be approached by potential whistleblowers. Second, we stand ready to provide experienced pro bono legal support to whistleblowers to ensure that they are protected and that their disclosures make a difference.

Government Accountability Project Executive Director and CEO Louis Clark commented:

At a time of unprecedented partisan turmoil tearing at the very fabric of our democracy, we need to protect and empower those civil servants whose allegiance is to truth, justice and country above all else. Elected lawmakers over the past forty years have unanimously joined with their colleagues across the political aisle to establish a legal framework to protect whistleblowers and address their verified concerns. The Democracy Protection Initiative is an effort to ensure that all federal, state and local civil servants know about their rights to report all political and election-related abuses of power, illegality or fraud.

By clearly outlining the current threat to our democracy while educating potential whistleblowers of their rights, the Democracy Protection Initiative is a crucial resource in the fight for a fair and free election. To find out about how you can get involved in our initiative either as a whistleblower, partner, or donor, visit our Democracy Protection Initiative page.

Contact: Andrew Harman, Director of Communications Phone: (202) 457-0034 x156

Government Accountability Project

Government Accountability Project is the nation’s leading whistleblower protection organization. Through litigating whistleblower cases, publicizing concerns and developing legal reforms, Government Accountability Project’s mission is to protect the public interest by promoting government and corporate accountability. Founded in 1977, Government Accountability Project is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.


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