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With the 2020 election approaching, Government Accountability Project is recruiting advocacy organizations and pro-bono attorneys to join the Democracy Protection Initiative (DPI).

The Democracy Protection Initiative is designed to support and protect employees who choose to blow the whistle on illegality and abuses of power aimed at undermining the election or sabotaging the peaceful transition of power. We ask you today to partner with the Government Accountability Project, the nation's leading nonpartisan, nonprofit whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, in support of the essential role whistleblowers serve in promoting truth, accountability, and justice. Together, we can protect our fragile democracy.

Advocacy Organizations

Our democracy is under attack. A free and fair election, only two months away, is already at risk of obstruction by abuse of power, as the current administration, through rampant disinformation and politicization of agencies works to retain power, sabotage the election, reject the will of the people, and potentially resist a peaceful transition.  The right to vote, and to have one’s vote counted, is crucial in our democracy to ensure that those elected represent the interests of citizens. Working together with Partners, the Democracy Protection Initiative aims to accomplish two objectives.

First, we will launch a “Know Your Rights” educational campaign geared towards employees and civil society organizations and coalitions who may be approached by potential whistleblowers. We hope such efforts will encourage employees who witness wrongdoing that threatens our election system to come forward, either to us directly or through our Partners similarly engaged in democracy protection efforts.

Second, we stand ready to provide experienced pro bono legal support to whistleblowers to ensure they are protected and that their disclosures make a difference. We look forward to working with our Partners to amplify the information that whistleblowers disclose to stop further occurrences of corruption and abuse of power.

As a DPI Partner, your support will help us ensure that whistleblowers’ information contributes to protecting the integrity of the 2020 election. Not only will your partnership help drive the public awareness needed to promote accountability to combat the problems exposed by whistleblowers, it will telegraph to potential whistleblowers that they will be met with widespread support, which can both minimize the risk of retaliation and maximize the likelihood that speaking up will make a difference. Perhaps most importantly, it will send a powerful message to employees considering blowing the whistle that leading nonpartisan organizations recognize the importance of whistleblowing to protecting democracy

In addition to appearing as an partnered organization on the Democracy Protection Initiative website, Government Accountability Project is ready to provide the following resources to Partners:


  • Trainings for your organization’s staff on how to work with whistleblowers safely and effectively

  • Opportunities to host co-branded private webinars and create educational materials for democracy-related audiences your organization can uniquely reach

  • Media kits which enable you to engage with potential whistleblower and concerned citizen audiences and amplify the importance of truth and accountability to protecting our democracy

Most importantly, through your organization’s help in referring potential whistleblowers for legal and advocacy support, combined with support amplifying their disclosures, we will help chart a path to ensure that whistleblowers raise the alarm about threats to the upcoming election. The power of truth-telling has the potential to ensure our election process functions as the most bedrock mechanism of our democracy.

If you have any questions about Government Accountability Project, the Democracy Protection Initiative, your organization’s involvement, or how we could otherwise collaborate in our shared democracy protection goals, please reach out at


Pro-Bono Attorneys

Anticipating an unprecedented number of election integrity-related whistleblowers, Government Accountability Project is recruiting and organizing pro-bono attorney support across the nation to support the Democracy Protection Initiative. Attorneys interested in assisting the Democracy Protection Initiative on a pro-bono basis are encouraged to fill out the interest form below.


Government Accountability Project, the nation's leading whistleblower protection and advocacy organization, is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public interest organization that promotes government and corporate accountability by protecting whistleblowers and ensuring their disclosures make a difference. For over 40 years, we have offered legal and advocacy assistance to thousands of employees of conscience who have chosen to speak out on serious abuses of public trust, helping them exercise their rights to report wrongdoing and advocating for reform by sharing their verified disclosures with the press, Congress, oversight agencies, public interest allies and the public.


Volunteer attorneys will work alongside Dana Gold, Government Accountability Project’s Senior Counsel and Director of Education, and a team of experienced whistleblower attorneys. Responsibilities may include participating in client intakes, drafting whistleblower disclosures, conducting legal research, and advising Government Accountability Project on client-specific legal issues relative to your expertise. Experience with whistleblower law is encouraged, but not required. Volunteer attorneys must be licensed to practice law within the United States.

If you are interested in helping the Democracy Protection Initiative protect our fragile democracy through whistleblower advocacy, please fill out the interest form below.

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